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Rubber Asphalt Plant

AR300 Rubber Asphalt Plant
1. Rubber Asphalt Plant is manufactured in lie of McDonald wet treatment design techniques. The product is extremely resilient high performance that results in high quality and durable asphalt roads.
2. The equipment electronically measure shredded rubber, circular frequency diversion speed control to suit road conditions, parameters and geometry.
3. Asphalt is measured by digital flow meter and monitored by sophisticated frequency conversion pump speed.
4. The temperature of Rubber Asphalt Plant is manipulated by high powered heat exchanger and efficiently controlled to produce asphalt of various regions.
5. The storage containers are of large-tonnage separate reactor units which are far more productive and shifted conveniently.
6. Rubber asphalt pump import large quantities that is configured into remarkable reasoning's to field requirements.
7. Rubber asphalt plant is manufactured to international brand Siemens, Schneider electrical components, PLC programmable device and Industrial machine controls to achieve manual or automatic control operations.

AR150B Rubber Asphalt Plant
1. Rubber Asphalt Plant has a big tonnage built-in container and tremendously convenient for transportation to facilitate expert facilities.
2. Mixings are more rational with US imports mixer technologies.
3. Independent oil conducting heating system that ensures satisfactory heat supply.
4. Asphalt heating adopts high power heat exchanger, adopts to the temperature of different regions.
5. The equipment makes use of incredible and long durable imported rubber asphalt pump from the United States of America.
6. The system is extremely stable as the components are imported from Siemens and Schneider Electrics.
7. The set up Rubber Asphalt Plant is magnificent with control cabin , touch screen, manual/ automatic control area, safe and sound operating environment, human interface and its pretty much easier to operate.
8. Asphalt is measured by flow meter reader with is directly docked with the mixing line according to production process requirements.
9. The structure of the whole equipment is very simple, practical and economical.

Parameters of Rubber Asphalt Plant
General Parameter Model AR150B AR150BG AR150M AR200 AR300
Name Asphalt Rubber Equipment Rubber Modified Asphalt Equipment Asphalt Rubber Equipment Asphalt Rubber Equipment Asphalt Rubber Equipment
Productivity 8 ~10T/h 8 T/h 8 15~20 T/h 15~20 T/h
Engine Total Power ≤60kw ≤60kw+150kw ≤60 ≤90kw ≤90kw
Dimension Host Section (mm) 9500×2280 ×2310 Host Section (mm) 9500×2280 ×2310 11800×2280 ×2310 9100×2500 ×3100 9100×2500 ×3100
Reaction Part (mm) 11800×2280 ×2310 Reaction Part (mm) 11800×2280 ×2310
Colloid Mill (mm) 4000×2280 ×2310
Structure Mobile Combination Structure Mobile Combination Structure Mobile Combination Structure Mobile Combination Structure Mobile Combination Structure
Ratio Ratio in rubber powder10%~25% Ratio in rubber powder 10%~25% Ratio in Asphalt 90%~80%
Ratio in rubber powder 10%~20%
Ratio in rubber powder 10%~20%
Ratio in Asphalt 90%~80%
Ratio in rubber powder 10%~20%
Ratio in Asphalt 90%~80%

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