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KC260/KC230/KC300 Landfill Compactors

1. Employing the imported SAUER-DANFOSS pump with sensing device, our KC260, KC230 and KC300 landfill compactors are able to turn flexibly.
2. The engine we use for the landfill compaction equipment is powerful water-cooling supercharged diesel engine made by Shanghai Diesel engine Co., Ltd.
3. Special wear-resisting blade teeth guarantee the landfill compactor has good compaction effects.
4. The front and rear vehicle frames are in articulated structure with large swing angle, which makes the compacting drum can contact with the ground completely.
5. A no-spin automatic differential lock in the trash compactor's drive axle offers great traction to the vehicle.
6. Our landfill compactor is a four-wheel-drive engineering vehicle with hydraulic torque converter and power shift transmission gearbox. With three forwards gears and three backwards gears, this trash disposal equipment works well in landfills.
7. A centralized lubricating system can lubricate the key points periodically and the pesticide spray system can keep mosquitoes and other pests away.
8. The roll over protection system (ROPS) makes our landfill compactor safe and reliable.
9. The imported maintenance free battery has long working life and can work in low temperature environments.

Parameters of KC260/KC230/KC300 Landfill Compactors
Model Unit KC230 KC260 KC300
Operating mass kg 23000 26000 30000
Rolling width mm 3430 3430 3435
Max. traveling speed km/h 11 11 11.2
Gradeability % 100 100 100
Wheelbase mm 3500 3500 3540
Ground clearance mm 490 490 500
Blade height mm 1880 1880 1880
Drum width (front/rear) mm 1195/970 1195/970 1190/965
Drum diameter (front/rear) mm 1620/1620 1620/1620 1618/1618
Drum tooth quantity (front/rear) - 50×2/40×2 50×2/40×2 50x2/40x2
Engine model - SC11CB255 SC11CB255 SC11CB255
Rated power kW 187 187 187
Compaction ability t/m3 0.35t/m3 to 0.9t/m3 0.35t/m3 to 1.0t/m3 0.35t/m3 to 1.0t/m3
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 8100×3500×3670 8100×3800×3670 8020×3800×3700

Remark: Due to continual improvement of technologies, the technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

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